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May 11, 2006
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Final submission by RpmIndy Final submission by RpmIndy
Pretty damn busy. Simplified versions (bottom) are tough to pull off... I think I spent too much time trying to make it work rather than just giving up and starting something different. But the detailed hair was good practice and fun.
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clever, i like how the hair forms the sixes.
nice work.
very nice logos :clap:
very professioinal one
JOFX Jun 4, 2006  Professional Artist
Congrats, awesome work!
This is one of the best I've seen I think the bottom right one is the best. You can easily distinguish the 6's even if it's a small sized logo. And the fact that it's just 2 colors makes it reproduceable for many apps. GREAT WORK!
Okay, I've been following the submissions for this contest... and this is by far one of the best! So creative! I was thinking about messing around and trying to do a logo or two... but after seeing this... I realize... I am not worthy. Ha. Very, very, very creative! Love that you brought femininity, the naughty devilish girl, and the six all together in one theme.

So many of the others just messed around with the sixes and didn't take into consideration what 666 stood for. As well, many didn't even consider that the audience (implied by couture) is female. You incorporated all of that.

Very well done.
RpmIndy May 12, 2006   Digital Artist
Thanks for your comment.
The hair idea was a good one, but difficult to execute, and is the primary portion of this logo I am not happy with. Trying to add 'body' to the hair, but still have them recognizable as 6's was trying. It looks ok for the most part, but when it comes to embroidery, well, the simplified versions just don't cut it. Perhaps they could screen tags and have them sewn in (I'm assuming that by tags, they meant the washing tag sewn into the garment, and not a hang tag). But the fact of the matter is, good design shouldnt force a client to change their advertising methods, so although I think it turned out a good looking logo, it may not be the most practical.
Theres a fine line between 'naughty' and 'slutty', and from your comments I'm guessing I made the correct choices in portraying her correctly.
davidstogie May 12, 2006  Professional General Artist
very unique love what you did with the hair. Great concept.
what a great concept...and even greater execution! nice and strong graphically, and a fantastic composition overall. well done mate!
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